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#1 Posted : 1/21/2019 11:05:04 AM(EST)

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Hi there

I am using an HP Pro MFP M477fnw and due to the margins on it, it's not completely printing the full circle on the OL5375WX labels. There is the tiniest bit of white left on one side of the circles.

I am looking for a good heavy duty laser printer that has slightly smaller margins to cover the circles all the way. There are other label sheets that I would love to order and be able to print on, but I have the same fear that they won't be fully covered.

Any suggestions for a good printer that can handle 5000 sheets a month?

#2 Posted : 1/22/2019 3:47:10 PM(EST)

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AWittenborn -

Unfortunately, laser printers are incapable of true borderless printing. When printing with a laser printer there will always be a non-printable margin to account for. You usually need to allow for approximately 0.25" of non-printable margins around the perimeter of the sheet. We do offer a 2" circle configuration with wider margins to allow for full bleed printing with printer models that aren't capable of printing all the way to the edge. While you do wind up with less labels per sheet, this configuration ensures that you're able to print all the way to the edge of every label no matter what type of printer you're using. You can view this product at the link below:

If you want to continue using a laser printer to print your labels you'll need to make sure you're looking for label sheets that incorporate at least a 0.25" margin around the perimeter of the sheet. If you're open to using an inkjet printer for certain label configurations there are desktop inkjet printer models that do allow for borderless printing. Inkjet printing tends to be slower and ink cartridges can be costly so you'd likely want to avoid running large volume jobs this way, but having an inkjet printer on hand specifically for certain label configurations may be an option for you. Any inkjet printer that states borderless printing as a feature should do just fine printing all of the way to the edge of labels regardless of the sheet margins. Of the inkjet printers I've used recently, my favorite with borderless functionality is the Canon PIXMA TS-9120. When borderless printing is enabled within the settings the printer is capable of printing all the way to the edge of the sheet.

I hope this helps. If you need any additional information please just let me know.
#3 Posted : 3/2/2019 6:26:23 AM(EST)

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It was nice to hear the interaction about this laser border printing, thanks
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