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#1 Posted : 5/15/2019 3:01:02 PM(EST)

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If your DYMO printer model is advancing multiple blank labels at a time there are a couple of steps you can take to potentially resolve the issue.

The sensor that recognizes the punch holes between each label is always on the left side of the printer. The very first thing you’ll want to check for is that the roll is loaded correctly. The spindle that you load the label roll onto has a guide that illustrates how the labels should look as they exit the printer.

Once the roll is placed correctly onto the spindle, it should be loaded into the printer so that the left edge of the label material is flush with the wall on the left side of the printer. The sensor is sensitive to positioning, so any visible space between the label material and the left wall of the printer could result in the printer advancing multiple blank labels.

Some of the DYMO printer models, such as the LabelWriter 450 Turbo and the LabelWriter Wireless, have a movable, sliding guide that is intended to hold the label material in place as it feeds through the printer model. This guide should be slid over until it’s in contact with right edge of the label material. Any visible spacing between the right edge of the label material and the guide could also result in the printer advancing multiple blank labels.

The sliding guide on these printer models has a tendency to become loose as the printer ages, especially if it’s used frequently. If the guide loosens, the label material may be prone to shifting even if the roll is loaded into the printer correctly and carefully. Periodically checking on the guide between print jobs to ensure that it’s slid as far right as possible should ensure that the label material remains in place and reduce the number of skipped, blank labels you encounter.

If the guide becomes so loose over time that the label material seems to shift no matter how it’s placed, there is a quick and easy DIY trick you can try that may resolve the issue without requiring maintenance or a brand new printer. Simply tear off a small piece of paper or label material and fold it a couple of times so that it acts as a mini-wedge. Place the mini wedge between the sliding guide and the right wall inside the printer. This will hold the guide in place and make it nearly impossible for the material to shift throughout the printing process.

It’s important to note the suggestions that involve manipulating the sliding guide only apply to printers that feature the guide. The LabelWriter 4XL is typically used for 4” x 6” labels and does not feature the internal guide as a result. Care should still be taken to make sure that the labels are loaded correctly and that the material is flush with the left interior wall of the printer before printing to ensure the most consistent results.

I’ve attached a couple of images that display the suggestions mentioned above. If you’ve tried following these suggestions and are still experiencing problems please just let us know. Our customer service team will be more than happy to investigate the issue and provide assistance. You can submit a support ticket by visiting the link below:
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