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#1 Posted : 3/15/2016 10:24:19 AM(EST)

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Hi, I have so many different size containers that I have opted to buy the full sheets of weather proof paper and print and cut my own labels. I have a problem with the corners lifting sometimes. I know my items must be cleaned with alcohol and dry etc. But they are still lifting. Any help to make them stay down? Is there a glue that I can place under the lifted corners to restick or any recommendations to save the labels already lifting? Thanks!
#2 Posted : 3/16/2016 9:53:39 AM(EST)

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schfarms -

I'll be happy to provide any assistance that I can. You mentioned having a wide variety of different container sizes - can you describe the shape or curvature of some of the containers that are giving you the most problems? The curvature of containers can have a major impact on how well labels adhere to them. Wrapping a label around a tightly curved area applies tension to the label that can cause the ends to lift up. There are a couple of things we've seen customers do in the past to resolve similar issues on curved containers:

- If your containers are large enough consider using two labels instead of one. Using smaller front and back labels rather than a larger full-wrap label will reduce surface tension that occurs when wrapping a label around a tightly curved surface. A front/back label combination hypothetically allows you to avoid the majority of the curve and isolate your labels to the flatter areas of your containers, which should improve the adhesion.

- Place the labels on your containers from the center first and then apply pressure outward. This is another means to reducing surface tension. Applying your labels at one end and then pulling the label around the container can result in unnecessary tension, and potentially lead to the labels lifting at the edges more easily.

There are spray-on adhesives you can purchase at office and hobby stores that could potentially help improve adhesion as well, but you may be able to avoid any additional adhesives or glues by trying the methods detailed above first.

I hope this information helps. If you need any further details please just let me know.
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