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#1 Posted : 12/23/2018 10:18:51 AM(EST)

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I recently made a custom order for OL424WG.

While making adjustment for our design to fit precisely with labels on sheet OL424, we noticed there was a slight variability concerning where labels are cut on label sheets. It seems all sheets are not perfectly the same. I mean, we noticed between 1-3mm difference between some sheets. It ends up my design will sometime be out of alignment because the sheet itself if not perfectly cut at the same place for each sheet. Are you using the same equipment to die-cut custom sheets than you regular sheets? Is this normal to see such discrepancy between die-cut sheets between sheets?


#2 Posted : 12/24/2018 9:42:20 AM(EST)
Dave Carmany

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I'm sorry to hear about the issue you are experiencing and we are happy to work with you to resolve the issue.

Unfortunately, there can be some variance in our production process. Our internal quality tolerance is 0.0625" (1/16" of an inch) or 1.59 mm. This variance will not normally vary sheet-to-sheet, but throughout the entire batch you may see some variance between the start of run and end of production run.

We typically recommend that your label design allow for at least 0.125" in movement in order to help reduce registration issues. We also recommend that you keep your text or design away from the edges of the labels and also add bleed to the design if you have color or borders in your design. You can learn more at the link below:

Assuming the issue isn't a variation that is sheet-to-sheet and you don't want to modify your design, but you are able to adjust the margins in your software to deal with a variance then you may find by making sure to put the label sheets in the printer the same direction each time you can account for the variance. That way if the sheets are off by a small amount in one direction you don't double the issue by loading the sheets in the printer the opposite direction the next time you load the label sheets in the printer. I'm not sure what software you are using, but our Maestro Label Designer software has a built-in wizard to help deal with alignment issues and it allows you modify the margins. Our customer support team would be able to help with this process if you are using a software program we are experienced in supporting.

I am happy to have our customer support team work with you to try make recommendations or work on replacements if the product you have received is beyond our quality tolerances. Can you please submit a support request at the link below?

As I mentioned, our goal is to work with you to find a resolution to the issue that is to your satisfaction. Thanks.

Dave C.
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