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#1 Posted : 5/25/2018 10:45:32 PM(EST)

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Hi... My client needs a proper UPC for retail (UPC-A) so I tried using the Barcode Generator. I believe I've figured the code for this product and double checked the last "check digit" at the GS1 digital calculator site. I was excited! BUT... when I downloaded the barcode I created and imported it onto my label graphic I see it's very low resolution and unusable! How can I download a hi-resolution image of the barcode so that will be suitable for printing?
But I just read something further on the "Intro to Barcodes page" and now I'm not sure if one can even create a proper UPC-A for retail even though it's offered here?
.. my client is on a timeline and I was hoping she wouldn't have to pay for each individual barcode for her various products. One site says 7 barcodes is over $600! Ack!
Thanks much for any constructive input :]

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#2 Posted : 5/27/2018 9:10:46 AM(EST)
Dave Carmany

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The UPC generated from our bar code generator should have sufficient resolution assuming you are not trying increase the default size of image. It might be the methodology you are using to import the graphic into your software that is causing resolution loss. What software is telling you the image is not high enough resolution and what is the specific method you are using to import/bring the image into your software?

I think you may be confused in regards to what we are providing for free when it comes to UPC-A bar codes. Our bar code generator will generate the bar code image, but it will not make an actual UPC-A code for you. It just generates the image and you would be responsible for entering a valid UPC-A code into the software. Since UPC-A codes must be unique and work at retailers across the entire USA, you have to have a unique / valid UPC number. You can't just randomly make one up. You can purchase the UPC codes from or a re-seller of UPC codes.

Based on my research, it is always best to purchase from GS1 directly if you think you have a long term need for bar codes for your company. When you purchase through a re-seller, you will not have your own unique company ID number and the prefix they give you could potentially be sold to or used by another company. I'm not saying this is likely to happen, but it is a possibility. Buying from GS1 avoids this risk.

The reason this is a big problem is that if you don't control your your own unique company ID number this could result in the the same bar code identifying different products or different companies. This is potentially a big issue for retailers who depend on the bar codes accurately tying to your product. Due to this issue some of the larger retailers are requiring their suppliers to provide a copy of the GS1-US certificate and also asking their small and medium suppliers to support data synchronization to ensure all of their bar codes are up to date. In order to do be involved in data synchronization, you need to have a global location number, which is part of the benefits you receive when you become part of the GS1-US.

There are definitely risks to buying from a re-seller so you will need to weigh those risks versus the cost savings. The re-sellers will have the bar codes for sale at a fraction of the cost of GS1. Obviously, every situation is unique. Personally, if I knew I had a business that I intended to run for a long time and I planned to offer a lot of products that could potentially make their way into large retailers, I would probably spend the extra money and use GS1.

In regards to bar code re-sellers, I haven't had any customers that I have directly spoken to that have run into issues when buying bar codes from a re-seller and I have had quite a few customers who acquired their bar codes that way. I did some quick research on the topic and came across the site at the link below. This site appears to have done some research on some of the different re-sellers. They list companies that they know to have major and minor issues in regards to the resale of the codes. I am not sure who is funding the site below (which makes me skeptical), but I thought the information was interesting nevertheless.

I hope this information is helpful and I would be happy to try to answer any additional questions you have on the topic.

Dave C.
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