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#1 Posted : 8/10/2019 10:12:36 PM(EST)

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So, after testing out many different materials on two different printers, a laser and an Inkjet (Brother HL-L8360CDW and Epson Expression HD XP-15000), I have finally found that the best quality printer with the most consistent prints and color replication is the Inkjet I have. I'm not sure if this would be the same for all inkjets, over that if lasers, but that's certainly the case between these two. However, the compromise is obviously the fact that the Inkjet will go though ink faster than the laser will go through toner. As well as the fact that the Epson Expression HD XP-15000 chugs ink cartridges.

I was hoping to possibly come here to receive a recommendation on a good, high yield Inkjet printer that will produce the same quality prints I get from the Epson I use now, but with better cost per print. Just like anyone else, I would like to get my cost per print down, without having to skimp on quality.

Any suggestions that anyone would like to share would be greatly appreciated.

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#2 Posted : 8/12/2019 10:54:48 AM(EST)

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Thanks for your inquiry. It's difficult to make definitive statements comparing print quality and economy directly between different inkjet printer models. There's a significant amount of variance between the way ink is handled from one printer manufacturer to the next, and sometimes even between different inkjet printer series from the same manufacturer. It's just not possible to say with any certainty that another inkjet printer model will provide the exact same results in terms of quality, while also improving your print economy.

The same thing can be said of different laser printer models and manufacturers. I haven't had the opportunity to use the Brother HL-L8360CDW model specifically, but I do have access to a couple of similar Brother laser printers. My Brother printers are serviceable, but I've always been much happier with my HP Color LaserJet printers in terms of print quality when printing full color photos and graphics. If you're interested in improving your print economy then going with a laser printer is probably the best choice. You may even be able to have a local office store demo one of the HP Color LaserJet printer models for you to confirm that the print quality is up to your standards.

If you do decide to stick with inkjet printing your best bet would be to look for printer models that offer high capacity ink cartridges. One of my favorite desktop inkjet printers is the Canon PIXMA TS9120, which lets you choose from standard, XL, and XXL ink cartridges. The estimated page yield information from Canon seems to indicate that the printer would provide better print economy than the Epson model you're currently using. I haven't had the opportunity to use the Epson Expression HD XP-150000 printer model so I can't compare the print quality for both printers side by side, but I've always been very happy with the print results from my Canon PIXMA TS9120.
#3 Posted : 8/15/2019 1:10:11 PM(EST)

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I just wanted to give an update to this thread. After seeing the print quality of the Epson Expression HD XP-15000 and being satisfied with the results, the objective was to reproduce these results, but with a printer that would not consume so much ink, or where ink was more abundant. I am happy to say that I found this in the Epson ET-7700.

I have now gone through 5 printers; the Brother HL-L8360CDW, the Epson Expression HD XP-15000, the Canon PIXMA G4210, the HP Color LaserJet Pro M479FDW and now the Epson ET-7700. The Canon did pretty well, the HP was pretty much the same quality as the Brother, but the one that reigns supreme is the ET-7700, for sure. All of the Laser printers I have used, no matter what setting they were set to, they did not print high quality, pixel perfect labels.

Not only is the ET-7700 a workhorse, but it also prints fast (much faster than the HD XP-15000), it prints high quality labels that rival that of the HD XP-15000 and it not only has Ink tanks that hold a butt ton of Ink, instead of cartridges, but it also comes with two bottles of each Ink in the box. Also, it has a total of 5 ink colors instead of only 4.

Overall, I am extremely pleased. It took a lot of time and money, but this thing prints crip and near pixel perfect on the weatherproof gloss, the weatherproof matte and the polyester labels. To fill the tanks with a total capacity of apparently 30 ink cartridges, it only costs $72 for a set of ink bottle refills. I have not estimated the cost per page yet, but a rough calculation, even at a very high coverage percentage, is equal to pennies.

I hope this will be able to help someone else in their journey to find a decent printer with a low cost to print.

P.S. I used to buy my labels from a label printing company that print out very VERY nice labels. Not only does this printer print labels that are just as high quality looking on the material I have purchased from Online Labels, but the cost to print them has now been decreased by about $0.30 per label. VERY SATISFIED! :-)

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#4 Posted : 8/16/2019 6:58:03 AM(EST)
Dave Carmany

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Ion - Thanks for the helpful information. That is great to hear that the Epson ET-7700 has performed so well for you. We will definitely look into bringing one of those units into our printer lab.


Dave C.
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