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#1 Posted : 1/14/2021 5:53:09 PM(EST)

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I recently made an order for a whole array of different size and different material labels, all of which were purchased for laser printing. I was quite happy with the quality, as well as how easy Maestro is to operate, however once I got to printing the 4.25'' x 2'' labels (OL625LP & OL625WS) I quickly realized these labels go right to the edge of the sheet. As everyone knows, laser printers cannot preform borderless printing and always have a margin on the top, bottom, and sides. With that said, I'm a bit confused as to why this label layout is available for laser without any warning about borderless printing being a necessity if you want to have any sort of background on your labels (90% of our product labels have coloured, black, or patterned backgrounds).
Unfortunately, the design for this product label needs to have the background on the entire label, and changing it at this point is not really an option.

My question would be:
Is there ANY way around this so I can fit the whole design within the label area. From my quick research I haven't been able to come across a solution for this other than to not have any design where your printers non printable area is, however this sort of defeats the purpose for purchasing this specific size of label as our design was made to fit in the 4.25" x 2" area. If we were to do this we would be loosing almost an inch of design space and that simply isn't feasible for this product design.

In the meantime, I searched around OnlineLabels and found these 4.5" x 2" labels (OL394) which do not go all the way to the edge of the sheet and only contain 5 labels per sheet. (instead of 10 labels per sheet with the OL625).
I guess I should have inspected the image of the label layout a bit better before purchasing and noticed that there was no margins at all on the sides of the sheet and in order to make these labels work you would need a boarderless inkjet printer, not a laser. I figured since I was purchasing the labels with the option specifically for laser printers selected, this would have already been taken into account, or at the least been notified about the possible issue when printing this specific label template with a laser printer.

Its unfortunate because everything else I purchased has worked out great with our Canon ImageClass Color MF642Cdw, and Maestro has work flawlessly. I would like to continue to purchase labels from OnlineLabels for our entire product line, so I'm hoping someone can help me resolve this.

If it wasn't for the steep shipping cost to Ontario, I would just go ahead and purchase 30 sheets of the OL394, but I can't justify spending around $40CAD on shipping a item that only costs $22.50.
(I only had to purchase 15 sheets of the OL625 since they had 10 labels per sheet instead of 30 sheets at 5 labels per sheet with the OL394, which was one of the reasons also that the OL625 was chosen in the first place)

Please let me know if there is ANY way at all to work around this with my Canon ImageClass Color Laser Printer as we are getting ready to launch our online store the first day of February, and this is the only packaging issue that is holding us back at the moment.

Other than this issue, ALL other labels and templates we purchased have worked great so far! We are very happy with the quality and pricing. Hoping to be return customers and to start purchasing bigger orders once our online store is operating.

You can checkout our designs that we have saved on maestro if that helps at all.

Thanks in advance!


#2 Posted : 1/15/2021 8:53:32 AM(EST)

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I'm sorry for the confusion regarding the dimensions of this label configuration. We do list a disclaimer about nonprintable margins in the product specifications section of the product page on the website. This disclaimer is posted for any label configuration featuring margins that are less than 0.25". With that disclaimer we also provide a link to our nonprintable margins tool so that customers can check their printers capabilities:

This specific item in question was created to offer compatibility with a popular Avery label configuration, which they also provide for both inkjet and laser printers. We've found that while some users are printing a full background color on their labels, the majority are not and prefer to benefit from the extra labels that fit on the page when the margins are removed from the equation.

I'm not familiar with a laser printer model that allows for true borderless printing. This is to ensure that any toner applied to the drum is successfully transferred to the printable material and not allowed to accumulate on the drum and fusing unit, which would ultimately damage the printer. I looked through the manual for your printer model to see if there were any possible solutions, but there doesn't appear to be anything that will resolve the issue with this specific label configuration.

I apologize again for the confusion. I'm going to have one of our customer service team members reach out to you for assistance. They'll be able to assist you in swapping out the sheets for a new configuration that meets the needs of your design and application.
#3 Posted : 1/15/2021 9:02:01 AM(EST)

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Thanks for the quick response Josh I should have read the disclaimer more thoroughly and noticed that these wouldn't work for this specific design.
I appreciate you looking into my printer model to see if there are any work arounds.
I figured this wouldn't be an issue I could resolve without swapping the OL625 for the OL394.

I'll keep me eye out for someone contacting me with regards to hopefully swapping them out!

Thanks a ton

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