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#1 Posted : 11/18/2022 8:57:29 AM(EST)

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I see that this issue has come up quite a bit, and I've tried to redesign my labels as a workaround and considered just ordering them from a printer. I don't have any issues with Avery labels. Things I've tried:
1. Used the alignment tool - aligned perfectly in the template
2. Checked margins, they are set to 0.4553 (left), 0.4 top margin. Bleed 0.125 and 0.24. Also tried playing around with different margin recommendations.
3. Tried to manually correct by adjusting my design to compensate.
4. Tried printing at 100%, 101% and 102%.
5. Tried printing actual size.
6. Using Adobe Acrobat to print, but also tried native printer.
7. Using waterproof polyester labels on a Canon laser printer.

I've wasted so many labels and spent hours on this. It seems like a problem that has been ongoing and I'm not seeing many solutions.
#2 Posted : 11/18/2022 9:51:22 AM(EST)

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I'm sorry to hear about the alignment issues that you have experienced with our Maestro Label Designer and I'll be happy to offer any assistance that I can. I have included a few steps below that can help resolve most alignment issues, some of these you have already attempted, along with some questions to help me better identify the cause of the issue. We can also work through this with you over the phone if you prefer at 1-888-575-2235.

  • Stack your sheets neatly and evenly in the printer tray so that they feed as straight as possible into the printer.
  • Select the "Download and Print" option from the "Print" menu and print your design from Adobe Reader. Adobe Reader is the recommended PDF viewer for use with Maestro Label Designer. Learn how to set Adobe Reader as your default PDF viewer.
  • In your print dialog box, confirm that "Actual Size" is selected and that "Fit to Page" (or "Page Scaling") is unchecked.
  • Click into "Preferences" or "Advanced Options" from your print dialog box and adjust the paper or media type. Selecting a heavier material type like labels, cardstock, or transparency can slow down the printing speed, decreasing some of the sheet's shifting.
To better address the issue, can you let me know if the print is shifting uniformly in one direction (too far left/right/up/down) or if the alignment appears to drift down the sheet?

Can you measure the margins on the label sheet as well? I'd like to make sure that the sheet was produced correctly and within our quality tolerances. The left/right margins should be 0.4453 (7/16") and the top/bottom margins should be 0.4" (13/32").

If the physical margins are correct and you've tried the recommendations above, you may want to reinstall or update your printer driver. In many cases where the correct settings are selected but the template is still scaling, a printer driver update will resolve the issue.

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