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#1 Posted : 8/27/2023 5:32:16 PM(EST)

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I’m looking for a new inkjet printer for my product labels (colored labels). I currently have an inkjet HP OfficeJet Pro 9015. I've used it for a few years and am very happy with the quality of my labels. I use the OnlineLabels weatherproof matte inkjet labels and am very happy with them.

However, the printer has some issues with the way the label sheets feed through the printer, and I waste a LOT of sheets; sometimes only 30% of the labels are usable because they aren’t printed in the exact right place on the label sheet. I'm also having trouble printing double-sided on plain paper - also a paper feeding issue. I did an extensive troubleshooting with HP, and we were unable to fix it.

Others have recommended Epson Ecotank printers and Canon printers. However, the tech specs usually don’t list labels among the compatible paper types. I’ve read that Epson is no help if you’re using non-Epson paper, and the same for Canon.

I would like one that has the option of a straight paper path (I think most printers with 2 trays would qualify), and it has to be compatible with a Mac. Must be able to print WATERPROOF labels! I think I need pigment inks for this - am I correct? Currently I can put a bottle with my labels in a glass of water and it isn’t changed at all.

I would consider switching to a laser printer if there are significant advantages, but I’ve never used one.

Thank you!
#2 Posted : 8/28/2023 9:42:31 AM(EST)

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I'm happy to help address your concerns with the feeding issue and printer recommendation. With most printers, you can choose a thick or heavy paper type setting, which slows down the print feed and can help minimize the shifting of the paper. This should reduce some of the misalignment you're experiencing. While your printer model only has one paper tray, there is a document feeder that can be tested with one of the specialty paper-type settings. When using the Weatherproof Matte Inkjet (WJ), you may want to try a Photo or Glossy paper type since these tend to be thicker than regular paper.

In regard to the new printer recommendation, our Product Testing Team has found that many of the popular models from Hewlett-Packard, Epson, and Canon brand printers tested well with our materials. We've also received customer feedback supporting this as well. We're not able to test all available models on the market, so we can't suggest a specific printer, but these brands have proven to work well.

While our materials can be used with both dye and pigment-based inks, the printing industry generally advises that pigment-based inks work best with wet applications. If you're looking at the possibility of a laser printer, these can be good options for printing waterproof labels, as they use toner, which is heat fused onto the label. This can provide extra durability and more resistance to water comparatively.

I do recommend checking printer specifications when shopping around to ensure it is able to handle specialty label materials. Since you're using weatherproof, make sure the specifications list a film polyester or synthetic materials as supported media types. The printer's printable area should also be considered since many printers have at least one non-printable margin, which will prevent it from being able to print to the edge of the sheet or the edge of the label if the margins are narrow. If you're looking for a straight paper path, printers with multiple trays are a good option. This can also be verified when viewing the individual printer model's specification list.

I hope this helps. If you have any questions while researching a new model, please let me know. We're also available to help troubleshoot common printing issues. You can always reach out to us first to try and resolve those. Our Customer Support Team is available at 888-575-2235 or you can check out our help article below.
#3 Posted : 9/23/2023 4:28:36 AM(EST)

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For your specific requirements of printing high-quality colored product labels, especially waterproof labels, with a straight paper path option and compatibility with Mac, here are some recommended inkjet printers:

Epson SureColor P600: This printer offers excellent color accuracy and supports a wide range of media types. It uses pigment inks, making it suitable for waterproof labels. It should work well with third-party label paper like OnlineLabels.

Canon PIXMA Pro-100: This Canon printer can handle various media types and offers good color accuracy. While it's optimized for Canon paper, you can still achieve good results with third-party label paper.

HP OfficeJet Pro 9015 (Updated Model): If you've been happy with your current HP printer's label quality, consider trying a newer model with improved paper handling features. The OfficeJet Pro series usually provides reliable label printing.

As for the consideration of laser printers, inkjet printers are generally better for producing high-quality colored labels, especially waterproof ones. Pigment inks in inkjet printers are well-suited for this purpose and can withstand exposure to moisture, which might not be the case with most laser printers. Stick with inkjet technology for your label printing needs.
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