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#1 Posted : 5/18/2016 8:34:36 AM(EST)

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I have flower pot votive containers and am looking for a label that has a curve so the labels will go around the rim. Like all flower pots, the rims are not flat and straight, they slightly taper in. I hope you understand what i am trying to explain. I purchased OL2520CJ because i needed the length of the 8 1/4". I needed a little fraction less in the 1" width, but thought these might work.I will probably have to fudge the labels to work but I would really like to find the correct labels that would work. I need a label that will wrap around the rim and not crinkle/wrinkle on the bottom so I can get a more professional look. Thanks.
#2 Posted : 5/19/2016 10:09:35 AM(EST)
Dave Carmany

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Unfortunately, labeling a tapered surface is very challenging if you don't want wrinkles in the label. Here is a video that I feel gives a good explanation of the issues and how to resolve them.

As the video mentions, we would need to create a custom die cut configuration if you use a larger label and want avoid the wrinkles. A custom die cut configuration would require a one-time set up fee (probably $99.95 but it would depend on the specific layout that you require) for the tooling and the labels would be higher priced than our stock items. We are happy to provide you pricing once we know the item configuration, material, and quantity that you require.

Let us know if you are interested in having a custom configuration created. We would need you to send us a sample of the pot so we can create a label that will appropriately fit. I am happy to have one of our service reps get in contact with you. You can also reach out to our customer service team at 1-888-575-2235.


Dave C.
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