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#1 Posted : 12/1/2017 4:10:50 PM(EST)

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I've been using custom printed labels from for some time now and today I am totally OVER THEM. The time that it takes to release the labels from the sheet is RIDICULOUS! No matter what method I try -- cracking the label, bending it back, removing all of the background media --- each label is taking me 10-20 seconds to release! It's taken so much away from my time. I may need to start searching elsewhere for my custom labels. Anyone else experience this? (The smaller the label - the worse the problem btw. My biggest problem is with my 1x1 waterproof white squares.)
#2 Posted : 12/2/2017 1:18:15 PM(EST)
Dave Carmany

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I am sorry to hear about the issue you are experiencing. We are happy to help however possible.

I need to get a better understanding of the issue you are experiencing in order to troubleshoot the issue. I see you have purchased both our blank label products and also our pre-printed label products recently. Do you notice the issue on the blank labels or just on the pre-printed labels? I see you have purchased only 1 size from us in the pre-printed labels - 1.5" x 1.5" and I see you have purchased that size multiple times. I don't see any pre-printed 1" x 1" labels under the account associated with your forum username. I will assume the issue is with the 1.5" x 1.5" labels since I don't see a 1" x 1" label as ever being ordered on your account.

Have you noticed the same issue in every order for that 1.5" x 1.5" size or just your most recent order?

I need to establish if the product you have received is defective or cut incorrectly. If it is defective or cut incorrectly, we are happy to send out replacements at no charge. It is best to have you send this information to us through a support ticket so our customer service team can work with you and we don't have to discuss the details of your order history over this public forum. Can you submit a support ticket to us at with more details so I can have our team work with you on this issue? Please reference this forum post. I am happy to have one of our service reps contact you on Monday if you would prefer we reach out to you rather than having you submit all the details through our support ticket system. Let us know.


Dave C.

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