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#1 Posted : 3/1/2018 4:56:08 PM(EST)

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I downloaded OL325.doc to create labels. This is a Word 2003 template. I am using Word 2016. After I type in all of the labels, I go back to try to edit misspellings and center some of the labels. Some of the labels I can edit, most I cannot. I called your technical support and they were no help. The lady said she tried duplicating my problem in several "browsers" and couldn't duplicate the issue. Why would she try duplicating my error in a browser when the problem is in Word 2016? That tells me right there that she had no clue whatsoever what she was doing. She said she would email me the template in doc format. I asked why she would do that when I'm using Word 2016 and the format for Word 2016 is docx and the doc format is already on your website and is what I already downloaded and tried using! So she said she would email me the docx format. I received it and still have the same problem. I should be able to click on any text in the document and edit it! Can you possibly help me resolve this????

I can also tell you that that I can edit in the 1st row and column only.

You should take those Word templates off of your website and just inform people that the templates are built into Word. I used the Word built in template and it worked perfectly. You wasted several hours of my time today by having to try to edit your document prior to discovering the built in templates.

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#2 Posted : 3/2/2018 3:33:05 PM(EST)

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I'm sorry you weren't informed about the built-in templates upon mentioning you were using Microsoft Word 2016. I was able to locate which representative you spoke with and have asked our Customer Service manager to spend some time making sure she's up to speed on how to handle these types of questions moving forward.

We offer downloadable templates for Microsoft Word because older versions of the program may not include the built-in templates that are available in newer versions of Microsoft Word.

Round labels are notoriously tricky to design within Microsoft Word due to the program being limited to rectangular grid lines. I'm very happy to hear you were able to resolve your problems using the built-in template, but if you run into issues in the future you may want to try designing your labels using our software. Maestro Label Designer offers true circular templates and more advanced design elements that are simple to use. You can access the program at the link below:

We provide an activation code to use Maestro Label Designer for free with every order. If you wind up trying the program and have any questions please just let us know. We'll be happy to assist however we can.

Thank you for your business and have a wonderful weekend!
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