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#1 Posted : 5/21/2018 3:39:06 PM(EST)

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I was wondering if there's a way to disable rounding of the values inputted into the generator.

For example, I have a food product that is 180 calories and the generator rounds it up to 200 calories.

This happens with the other values as well. Is there a way to only display the exact values I put in?
#2 Posted : 5/22/2018 9:52:02 AM(EST)

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Thanks for your inquiry. I spoke with one of the developers of our nutrition label generator and was told that the rounding rules detailed by the FDA were used when developing the tool. He provided the following excerpt as related to caloric content:

“Calories, total,” “Total calories,” or “Calories”: A statement of the caloric content per serving, expressed to the nearest 5-calorie increment up to and including 50 calories, and 10-calorie increment above 50 calories, except that amounts less than 5 calories may be expressed as zero. Energy content per serving may also be expressed in kilojoule units, added in parentheses immediately following the statement of the caloric content."

This excerpt was pulled directly from the code of federal regulations linked to below:

That being said, based on the rounding ruled laid out by the FDA 180 calories should definitely be displayed as 180 calories and not rounded up to 200. I spent some time testing various values in the generator tool this morning, and noticed that if I enter a caloric value that isn't an increment of 10 rounding does occur (for example, if I enter 176 calories, the value is rounded up to 180). However, when I entered an exact value of 180 calories there was no rounding, so I was unable to duplicate the issue on my end.

If you can provide a screen shot of the entry fields with your data present, as well as a screen shot the final label where the questionable rounding has occurred I'll be happy to have the developer take a look at it. You can attach the files in a response to this post, or if you'd prefer you can send them to us in a support ticket by visiting the link below:
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