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#1 Posted : 3/4/2019 7:45:17 PM(EST)

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I have been trying to align my ingredients around the lower half of the arc, and the entire text keeps shifting. Also, the letters appear to be bunched, or spread too far apart. I have tried to reset the text formatting, expand corners only, move the middle grip, the edge, etc.

What is the trick to getting these to align accurately, and simultaneously being able to read the letters in the text?(Thank you for your help!)
#2 Posted : 3/5/2019 2:44:04 PM(EST)

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Formatting curved text can be tricky on smaller circles since the curvature is so much tighter and more condensed when compared to larger circles. It may be difficult to achieve perfectly aligned curved text with a 1.2" circle, but there are a couple tips that should provide some additional flexibility.

- The anchor points at the corners of the text box will allow you to manipulate the entirety of the curved text, including the overall size of the curved text and the degree of the curvature.

- The left and right anchor points will specifically manipulate the width of the curved text area.

- The top and bottom anchor points will specifically manipulate the height of the curved text area.

- Tinkering with these three different kinds of anchor points should allow you to come close to approximating the necessary curvature for your circle.

- Once you have a curvature that you're relatively happy with, you can hold down the shift key while carefully manipulating the anchor points. This will allow you to maintain the curve but spread or condense the information.

- Finally, some font styles handle the curving effect better than others. If you're unable to get the curvature exactly right using one specific font style it may be worth trying a different one.

There's one last thing to consider that doesn't directly relate to your questions about manipulating the curvature of your text. If you're attempting to place the design too close to the edge of the label you may run into alignment problems when you actually begin to print your sheets. Sheets can shift slightly as they feed through a printer, which can cause misalignment issues in certain cases. We include a red dotted line within our Maestro Label Designer templates that indicates the safe zone for placing design elements. Placing design elements outside of this red dotted line could result in them potentially being cut off to some degree if shifting does occur within the printer during the printing process.

I hope this helps. If you need any additional information please just let me know.
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