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#1 Posted : 3/18/2021 3:29:12 PM(EST)

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I am printing on OL2279BK 3 inch round labels, 6 on a sheet. Approximately 1/2" of the 2 bottom labels get cut off. I've been struggling with this for about 3 weeks. Looking for settings, changing settings, anything I can think of. Doesn't matter if I print this in Avery or Onlinelabels. Same issue. I've uninstalled and reinstalled my printer several times. Still no changes. I did discover though that this doesn't happen to my 3" square labels with same image, text. I am frustrated beyond belief! Online labels support tried to help me; said they've never seen this before. I tried to call Canon (I'm using a Pixma MG3022 printer) and I have to pay for support, which at this point I'm not ready to do. Anyone else ever have this issue?
#2 Posted : 3/19/2021 2:08:32 PM(EST)

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I'm sorry to hear about the issues you're experiencing. What you're describing sounds like it could possibly be the result of non-printable margins on your printer model, but the margins on this label sheet are large enough that we typically don't see them affected by non-printable margins on most printers. You can read more about non-printable margins and test your printer's non-printable margins at the link below:

Most label sheets with margins of greater than 0.25" don't run into issues with a printer's non-printable margins. The Canon PIXMA MG3022 is a very small, compact inkjet model, so it's possible that the non-printable margins extend out a little further than the average desktop inkjet printer. This could explain why the 3" circles are affected but the 3" squares are not. The 3" squares feature a 0.875" bottom margin compared to a 0.5" bottom margin on the 3" circles. Smaller bottom margins tend to lead to more issues with non-printable margins, but 0.5" is usually in the safe zone for the vast majority of printer models.

One thing you may want to check for is the maintenance section of your printer settings. I was able to locate the manual for your printer model and it does specify that print quality issues and absence of print can sometimes be caused by blocked nozzles on the print head. The manual shows a few options available in the maintenance section that may help with this. I'd run the nozzle check first to see if the printer reports and nozzle blockage. The manual also shows that there are two cleaning options available for the print head: cleaning and deep cleaning. According to the manual you should try the cleaning function twice and then the deep cleaning function once if you're experiencing print quality issues such as absence of print. The cleaning functions will use ink from your ink cartridge, so I'd only recommend proceeding with cleaning if the nozzle check says you should.

There is also a print head alignment function in the maintenance section that may help resolve issues such as absence of print as well.

Once you've done the print head alignment, nozzle checks, and cleaning (if necessary), then you should try using the non-printable margin tool linked to above. That will give you an accurate idea of what the exact non-printable margins are for your specific printer model. If the tool indicates that your printer has non-printable margins greater than 0.5" you may not be able to print that label sheet and design with your printer model. If you have access to another inkjet printer model it would certainly be worth trying to see if you get better results there.

I hope this helps. If you find you're not able to use the label sheets due to this issue you can initiate a product return at the link below:

If you'd like to speak with our customer service team about setting up a return and refund you can reach them directly by dialing 1-888-575-2235, or by submitting a support ticket at the link below:

If you'd like recommendations on an inkjet printer model that may have less restrictive non-printable margins, please just let me know and I'll be happy to look into that for you.

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