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#1 Posted : 7/11/2021 10:42:48 AM(EST)

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Hello, I really need to know why my weatherproof labels are turning dark brown along the edges to where I can't even use them. This has been going on for a few years now. It seems like they oxidize really bad and I want to know what's causing this because I'm wasting a lot of paper that is costly. The regular plain paper does it a little bit especially on the waxy back part but not near as bad as the weatherproof paper.

I use them for perfume oils and candles however I just have them in the case it came in or in my file folders, not even used yet and they have turned. Could it be a possibility of the perfume oils I work with somehow tainting the labels?
#2 Posted : 7/12/2021 10:31:27 AM(EST)

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I'm sorry to hear about the issue that you're experiencing. Inkjet compatible label materials typically feature an absorbent topcoat that is designed to absorb and protect ink. This absorbent topcoat does have a tendency to be sensitive to fumes from from fragrant perfume oils and essential oils. If your labels are stored in the same general area as the perfume oils that could definitely be causing the discoloration to occur.

The best piece of advice for this type of application with inkjet compatible label materials would be to store the labels in an airtight container of some kind. Our clamshell packaging is designed to protect the label sheets from physical damage that may occur during transit, but the packaging itself isn't completely airtight. Storing the label material in something that can be sealed tightly, like a large ziploc bag, should help protect the sheets from fumes that can potentially cause the material to discolor over time. If possible, storing the sheets away from the area with the perfume oils would likely help as well, but if that isn't possible I'd definitely recommend at least trying an airtight container for storage.

If you have access to a laser printer model, it may be worth trying samples of some of our weatherproof laser materials as well. The weatherproof laser materials are not absorbent like the inkjet materials and should be less susceptible to discoloration occurring due to fragrant perfume oils. If laser printing is an option, you can request free sample material at the link below:

I hope this helps. Please let us know if you need any additional information.
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