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#1 Posted : 7/20/2022 5:45:04 PM(EST)

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I have a HP DeskJet 2132
Printing on OL1028 CK Clear Gloss Labels

I never had any problems with alignment until the last couple of printings.
All of a sudden the whole page is printing off center and by the time the last 2 labels print, a good chunk of the design is missing. So it appears as if the alignment is off for the whole page. Like it's shifted to the right maybe?
I set everything back to default but it is still happening.
I've tried all the wizards too and anything else I can think of lol.
I wish I could upload a pic
#2 Posted : 7/21/2022 8:50:52 AM(EST)

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I'm sorry to hear about the alignment issues that you're experiencing. Our label printing alignment guide provides troubleshooting techniques for the most common alignment issues that can occur when designing and printing labels. You can access the guide by visiting the link below:

The first section of the guide deals with issues related to page scaling. This is always the best place to start when diagnosing alignment issues. Ensuring that your print settings are set to print your template with no page scaling and at actual size will ensure that you can achieve properly aligned labels. Any type of page scaling will typically shrink the image just slightly, which will make it impossible to align the labels on the page.

The second section of the guide provides troubleshooting suggestions for uniform misalignment. If you've confirmed that the page scaling is set correctly then this is likely the issue that you're dealing with. Solving uniform misalignment usually involves making adjustments to your page margins, and the guide provides instructions on how to make those adjustments.

If you've already tried the suggestions provided in the label printing alignment guide, I'd recommend submitting a support ticket by clicking on the link below:

You can attach images when submitting a support ticket. With images and a description of the problem you're encountering, one of our team members will be happy to personally assist you in resolving your alignment issues.
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